GM FoldLayers & Developing AE plugins

I wanted to learn scripting for Adobe After Effects and since I learn by doing I needed a project. When asking my cousin (Kickass 3D/AE artist Johan Amberg) what he was missing in AE, he instantly replied: “Some kind of timeline folders would be nice”. It sounded like a good...Read more


In November last year I released my first complete game, a puzzle game called “Amazeface”. You can get it now for free at I started working on the game in 2013. Since I had made endless prototypes and started so many games without finishing them, I decided to make...Read more
Hello World!

Hello World!

Welcome to my BLOOOG, this is my first post so I don’t think a lot of people will read it. In case someone actually does, I will introduce myself. (I Failed to take a photo with my laptop webcam, ended up using some weird online photo booth.) My name is...Read more